Crowdfunding on Cardano blockchain for everyone
One-click registration
Easily register by just connecting your wallet
Setting up a donation page
Create an online crowdfunding campaign
Sharing a link
Share the link to your donation page with your community
Receiving funds to your wallet
Receive funds with just a single click and pay a small service fee after your crowdfunding campaign is completed
Wallet creation
tutorial step
  • Open Google Chrome/Chromium/Brave/Edge browser.
  • Install the Nami Wallet extension from
  • Open the installed extension and click "New wallet", read and accept the "terms of use".
  • Nami wallet will show a seed phrase for your wallet, we recommend that you write it down and store it in a secure place.
  • At the next step Nami will check if you remember the seed phrase. Use your record to enter the missing words in your seed phrase.
  • The last thing is to create an account. Please, don't forget to use a strong password for your account!
  • Now you have a wallet and you can use it with the Nami wallet extension.
Replenishment via Faucet
tutorial step
  • After you've created the wallet, it has a zero balance.
  • Click the account icon and go to Settings → Network. Choose Preprod here.
  • Then go to the main extension page, click "Receive" and copy the address of your wallet.
  • Go to website.
  • On the faucet page change "Environment" to "Preprod", and paste your address to the "Address" field. Go through the CAPTCHA verification and click "Request funds".
  • After some time your wallet will receive 10 000 TADA (Test Ada).
Adding collateral
tutorial step
  • To start spending TADA in transactions your wallet should have collateral.
  • Click the account icon and go to "Collateral". Enter your account password and click "Confirm" to lock 5 ADA as collateral.
  • Your wallet is ready to work with DonatPool and other Cardano services in preprod!

Donate smarter

Our service is based on the Cardano blockchain and every user can adopt the advantages of this technology, such as fast transactions and low fees. Cardano is a blockchain of the future and this service is created for people that are eager to use this technology and Ada.

Donate with confidence

Our platform is fully decentralized. It is safe and trustworthy. All donations are locked on a smart-contract, everyone can check the actual code and see that no one except for a donation pool's owner can withdraw funds.
We made the code of our smart contracts publicly available so that you can be sure the system is secure.

Donate with ease

Our interface is simple and convenient. You can easily register and create a page for donations, it is free. You need only to pay a small amount of fee when withdrawing funds. The amount of fee is less than on centralized services.
After creating a project on Donat.Pool you get a link to your personal donation page and can simply share this link with your community on socials, blogs and other websites. It's that easy!
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Our stack
Phase 1 (finished)
  • Protocol: on-chain and off-chain logic for starting, updating and closing protocol with Nami light-wallet
  • Donat.Pool: on-chain and off-chain logic for creating a project and receiving funds with Nami light-wallet
  • Donate action: on-chain and off-chain logic for donating to an arbitrary project with Nami light-wallet
  • Unit tests and endpoint tests
  • Frontend for the implemented services
  • Deploying to Cardano pre-production testnet
  • Beta-testing in Cardano pre-production testnet
Phase 2 (finished)
  • Implement a new frontend design
  • Deploy contracts to testnet
Phase 3
  • Add more information about projects (category, image, detailed description)
  • Governance: minting DAO tokens and implementing the governance services:
  • Managing protocol configuration logic
  • Reward distribution logic
  • Deploy contracts to mainnet
  • Start media
  • Add the possibility to see projects without connecting a wallet
  • Add a filter by categories for project pages
  • Add auxiliary light-wallet support:
  • Flint
  • Gero
  • Lode
  • Eternl
  • NuFi
Phase 4
  • Add the possibility to see a list of closed projects
  • Add project verification
  • Updating a project in mainnet
  • Create social media profiles and add links to a website
Phase 5
  • Project promoting logic
  • Subscriptions for project creators
  • Improve project verification
  • Add logic for motivating contributors to make more donations
  • ...